Four Sisters

Four Sisters

This  is the story of my maternal grandparents who lived with me, my parents, my two sisters and two brothers and my cousin who my grandparents had adopted.   We all lived together for the first nineteen years of my life when I left home to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps on Jan. 10, 1950.   I am writing this little tale in hopes that at least one of my four children, eight grand children and eight great grand children  will become interested enough in their heritage to pick up where I will have left off on the family trees I have compiled on the computer program “”.   I also hope that someone in my brother’s and sisters families will do the same.   The longer one lives, the fewer family and friends one has and information is lost forever.

My grandfather, Willie Lemuel Church, was born Aug. 8, 1889 in the Jonesport/Indian River area of “Down East”, Maine.   I know very little about his life growing up there, but his family were fishermen and he became one of the same.  He always claimed that he graduated from the third grade at “Snare Creek Academy” school.   I do know that sometime in his late teens or early twenties he joined the “U.S. Life Saving Service” before it became part of the “U.S. Coast Guard” in 1915 and it was sometime during these years that he got transferred to the Biddeford Pool, Maine station.   On completion of his Coast Guard duties (the year I do not know) he started lobster fishing at the Pool and remained in that profession until he was 75 and then retired.

He met my grandmother, Marguerite Goldthwaite, at Biddeford Pool and they eloped to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to be married and have their honeymoon.  Going by horse and buggy to Biddeford and the rest of the way by train.   In the coming years they had four daughters (one of which was my mother) and thus came the name of his boat, “The Four Sisters.”

A short while after my mom and dad were married, my grandparents moved in with them in Saco and we all lived together until my dad’s place of employment moved to South Carolina in the early 1950’s.   When I say all of us, there were mom, dad, Nanny, Bump, (grandparents) myself and four siblings and a cousin who had been adopted by my grandparents.   I and my cousin graduated high school (Thornton Academy) in 1949 and had joined the military before my dad and mom moved and my grandparents moved in with their youngest daughter.   These were the best years of the 88 years I have lived.   My parents and grandparents were the nicest, most loving people I have ever known; even if I got my share of spankings.   I really believe this type of discipline made all of us kids grow up to be honest, hard-working adults.

Grandfathers are born in a different time, place and a different world.   Between the time they and you are born there are a raft of things that change and new things invented that change your thinking, attitude, habits, and just about everything a person does in life.

“Bump” had several stories he told kids and had advice for us when the occasion reminded  him of something.   When my oldest son was born, and my wife took him to the doctor to have him circumcised, he said to her “why did you do that.?  The poor little guy didn’t have much to start with and you had more cut off.”   Before I was married I took two weeks leave and my future wife and I went home to Maine so she could meet my family.   A few days after we arrived Bump took me aside and asked “do you want me to break her in for you” and we laughed and laughed.   I told him “no I think I can handle it”.   One of our favorite things to do was play cowboys and Indians.   Bump had a dent in the top of his head (since birth) that was about three inches long.   He told the kids that when he was a kid he played cowboys and Indians with real Indians.   If any kid doubted him he said he could prove it and said he got hit on the head with a tomahawk.   If they still doubted him he would say “o.k. feel my head” there’s a dent there.  Usually that convinced them.   He actually did have a dent on top of his head that ran from front to back 3″ to 4″ long.

My grandparents always helped out by working and buying us kids clothes, school books, etc.  My grandfather by lobstering and grandmother worked at a doctor’s home as their maid for a while.  This same Dr. took out my appendix when I was seventeen.)  She also worked at the Pepperell Mills factory for several years.

During the years all of we kids scattered to end up living in different states.  We all became connected with the military and moved away.  personally, I have regrets about not staying home after leaving the service, but what’s done is done.  One year most of us were home for Nanny and Bumps wedding anniversary (It was No. 60 I think) and all met at a restaurant to celebrate.  A Portland reporter asked Bump what he attributed their long marriage to.  Bump said that Nanny always gave him the last word…………….YES DEAR.

In their late years, Bump and Nanny lived in a Catholic Home on the Pool Road.  Nanny passed away first in 1982 at age 90, Bump lived on to be 96 years young.  The world will never see two more loving people.


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Home care (mostly for the elderly) companies are probably in the top five fraudulent medical entities in the medical field for medicare and medicade.  I have had experience with about six different home care companies in the last four plus years.  One of these (the first one) was recommended to me by the hospital in which I had been admitted.  One was a private company which I paid for “out-of-pocket” at a cost of $19.95 per visit.  To my knowledge at this writing, the hospital associated group charged the most per visit, but their charges varied if it was a nurse, a therapist or a general care (baths, etc.) person.  I am not aware of the actual cost because Medicare and my supplemental insurance were billed directly.  I never received a copy of their billing or any type of notification of what they charged.

One of the biggest drawbacks to home care is that medicare/medicade only allows a limited time in which home care is eligible after being released from the hospital.  By the time the nurse/employee comes to evaluate the home care patient and turns in that evaluation up to two weeks could have passed.  Then by the time the first employee comes to do their job, another two weeks could have passed and a patience medicare time for care is over.  What the hell good does that do the patient???  I NEED CONTINUAL HOME CARE.  My main need for home care is to get a decent bath at least twice a week and have a nurse come to the house when I need blood drawn and take to the test site.  There have been times when I have gone four months, or more, without getting a proper bath.  As a result, I have been in a continual battle with “bed soars”.

Another drawback to home care involving private companies is their lack of proper personnel to care for patients they sign up.   I had one company (to the best of my knowledge) only had two or three employees.  The evaluator and an employee who had to cover an unbelievable amount of distance between patients and their home office.  Sometimes as much as 100 miles. Which of course, is ridiculous.  The reason for this is low pay scale of course.  If fast food employees deserve $15.00/ hr., home care worker certainly  deserve more.  The employee turnover in the home care business is unbelievable  due to the low wages mostly.

The fraud here is the over charging for services to medicare/medicade just as are the charges for prescriptions, hospital fees, doctor fees, medical equipment rentals and everything else in the medical field.





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Yesterday (4/15/16) I couldn’t help noticing in USA TODAY an article titled “Lack of black pitchers confounds baseball” by Bob Nightengale, one of our many ego-testacle  sports writers.  On the 69th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s braking into major league baseball   Mr. Nightengale only briefly mentioned Robinson and decided to stir up trouble with an article about the lack of black pitchers in base-ball.  Most of the other writers and news stations chose to honor Jackie’s accomplishments, abilities and the adversities he faced     playing in the big leagues.  Jackie was one of the best all round baseball players that ever played the game. Why did Bob N. decide to write about this subject?  I don’t know. Perhaps he thought all the good things had been said about Jackie and he had to get his two cents worth in or lose his job.  Whatever the reason, he picked the wrong subject to write about.

Bob N. says pro baseball needs more “diversity” (there’s that nasty word again) in black pitchers.  He says only a few teams have them.  He says teams draft black pitchers, but more often than not they turn them into outfielders.  Well so what…..Other pro sports draft black players and change the positions they play.  I’m sure the black players or any player is happy they are drafted at all and look forward to playing their sport with a team for good money.  Some players are drafted and never get to play outside of the minor leagues.  Pro baseball has players from Japan, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, etc., etc…….If that’s not “diversity” what is it ??   All of these countries don’t have people who I would call blacks, but they do have much browner skin and some of them are descendents of African tribes.   Haiti has people who are blacker than almost all “African Americans” and the descendents of slaves in America today have as much white blood in them or more than African blood.   If you still have Fridays USA TODAY, read the article.   Bob has all the names and numbers listed.

To compare sports, the NBA teams have considerably more blacks playing on teams than whites and the NFL has more blacks playing on football teams.   This tells me that “reverse diversity” is rampant in these two sports.   Then again, why didn’t Bob N. choose to write about how many black hocky players there are or how many black swimmers and divers there are.   Then there is soccer.  I have no idea what the percentage of players are white to black.   The bottom line is, if a man or woman does not have the athletic ability to play the position he/she wants to play in the sport he/she wants to play then he/she will not be drafted or signed to play any pro sport.   So let’s knock off this racial nonsense and PLAY BALL.


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Di-versity,  Diver-sity,  Diversi-ty,  DIVERSITY = RACISM

No matter how you spell the word, it spells racism.  The academy bent over backwards on Sunday night to satisfy a minority group of people who can not be satisfied.  That was after the academy bent over forward and kissed their black butts.  The academy gave the blacks  four hours of free adver-tising time to spread their propaganda.  Now that the black performers have got the ball rolling, we will have a nation wide uproar over their newest way to stir the pot.

The clown who hosted the Academy Awards show was to small to play football or baseball and to short to play basketball so he thought he would than blackbecome a comedian.  He failed at that too.  I noticed several of the audience laughing at his joke attempts, but I couldn’t tell if they were just being polite or actually thought he was funny.  Oh for the days of Bob Hope.

This whole problem is based on math statistics, but since the majority of young blacks couldn’t graduate from math class, they wouldn’t think about what the numbers were.  I don’t know what the exact ratio of blacks to whites is, but it’s quite obvious that there are more white people than black people so it’s not to hard to figure out that there are more white performers than black.   Therefor, there would be more white tha black performers and more awards going to whites than blacks.

 White people today can not be blamed for slavery that took place before the late 1800’s.  In case the blacks have forgotten, the United States was involved in a civil war that was fought to stop slavery and free the slaves among other reasons but since the schools don’t teach much history today and the blacks don’t attend classes much any more they might not know much about this war. To enlighten everyone, this war had more than 750,000 casualties.   All died to help free your ancestors.  One in thirteen veterans were amputees and many of those killed or wounded were blacks fighting on both sides (Wikipedia).  Since that time it’s been nothing but “gi’me, gi’me,gi’me”.  Since you were freed, you think you should get whatever you want and you should get it for free.  It’s time for all black parents to see that their children go to school, get a job, and become someone who is an asset to this country and and their community instead of a liability.  Is there such a thing as BLACK PRIDE???  If so, your going the wrong way about showing everyone.  It’s time to tell it how it is.

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God Bless America

God Bless America (Photo credit: ClaraDon)

“GOD BLESS AMERICA”…… A phrase spoken probably more times than any other since our country was put on the map (except maybe for “Awesome”).  The awesome thing about it is that today only a few mean it or believe this phrase.

“PRESIDENT’S DAY”……A day on which we celebrate our past presidents and their accomplishments ( or follies).  For the last five years it has been follies. and will be for three more.

“MEMORIAL DAY”……The day we honor our dead service men from all wars.  Un-fortunately all of our wars since 1950 have not been called wars even though thousands of our military were killed, maimed and wounded.  Our military personnel in the two Iraq wars and the war in Pakistan were nothing less than murdered by our last three presidents and are still dying because president Obama refuses to withdraw our troops from trying to protect a bunch of heathens/muslims who do not want or deserve that protection.  All they really want is our foreign aid money.  They don’t deserve that either.

INDEPENDENCE DAY“…… Independence from British tyranny into the hands of the political tyranny of the Obama presidency of today.

In less than five months it will again be, July 4th, the birthday of our country, Independence Day.  Americans all over the world will be shouting “God Bless America” and singing its praises to the song with the same title.  Flags will be flying and beautiful displays of fireworks will light up the skies to the music of John Phillips Souza.  Canons will open their steel or cast iron mouths and spit out smoke and fire during the finally and the cheers will set off such a roar that it will be heard around the world.  But the fireworks are not the only explosions to be heard.  In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Hell-iss-tan, etc. the Taleban, al Qaeda and other muslim ragheads will be setting off car bombs, human bombs and shooting at U.S. and U.N. troops; but we cannot shoot back for fear of hitting “civilians” or children.   The ugly truth is that the children grow into future Taleban or  al Qaeda still trying to overthrow theirs or some one elses government.  So don’t feel to sorry for them………….The truth hurts.

JULY 5th:  All is quiet except for a few lingering firecrackers.  The flags are still flying.  The back yards are strewn with beer bottles, food scraps, paper napkins, etc. yet to be cleaned up from the backyard cook-outs.  Many are still in bed or lying around sleeping off their celebrations.  We all know the situation.  Most of us have been there more than once.  By the end of the weekend all is back to the “status quo”.  The parties and celebrations have been forgotten except for the kids who are still talking about the fireworks they saw.  With less on their minds, they don’t forget as soon as the adults.  Fireworks are for kids anyway.

What has happened to Americans??  Why all the apathy??  Why all the lack of self-esteem;  the lack of loyalty;  the lack of self caring??  People today are mostly slobs.  Some to skinny, many to fat, a few who really care about their appearance……Men with “10” o’clock shadow who go to work in blue jeans, t-shirts and sports jackets; colors that don’t match.  They don’t look any better than some of the “Homeless People”…….Women who let their hair grow every which way; straight and curly and kinky; so that it looks like the last time it was combed or brushed was when they were little and their mothers took care of it.  Wearing ragged blue jeans with holes in the knees and elsewhere;  wearing tops with such low-cut necklines and short skirts that anyone can see their bellybutton and other sexually explicit places when they bend over.  The work place looks like it has become “Prostitute City”.  All our work force cares about today is their hourly wage and how to get more.  Company loyalty is a thing of the past and probably will never be seen again.

GREED, PROGRESS AND POLITICS are the underling culprits.  These items have slowly turned Americans into the people we have today.  Greed has been around since the first “man” started walking up-right on two legs, but through the years,  greed has grown into a way of life.   Progress has done a lot for this country, but it has also destroyed a lot of this country.   Politics is another story……………..  Politics/Government is the worst of the three……….Our Supreme Court has turned into a political, cowardly mish-mash.  This court no longer makes its decisions based on constitutionality, but makes its decisions to appease the political factions in our country………..For years and years our Congress has been made up of a majority of selfish, greedy, power-hungry men and women;  some to the point of becoming criminals.  Their votes are not cast on various bills to help the people or our country they are cast to appease lobbyists for individuals, banks, oil companies, the medical and pharmaceutical fields, etc. or to put money into their own pockets.   As with anything else, there is that small percentage who are honest and dedicated……………..Then there is our illustrious president.  A man who has no respect for our country or our flag or our heritage.  A man who is of Islam and is a muslim.  A man who has hired devout muslims to head our new security system which is a waste of time and money much-needed in other government programs.  A man who was elected by wealthy Greeks, wealthy muslims, not so upstanding Chicago politicians, the “Mob”, fools, minorities, illegal immigrants and dead people.  A man who has made a bad economy into an almost unbearable economy along with his many other un-acomplishments……..The first white person Obama met was, no doubt, Jane Goodall.  He grew up in Africa,  Asia and who knows where else. He came out of the jungle and entered the United States without any living things knowledge, went to college  (although I have never heard or read what kind of degree he received), Worked his way up in politics into Congress and lo and behold was elected to the office of President of the United States with a wife who thinks she is “Queen of the Jungle”  (Jane must be very proud.)  and both are more racist than I ever will be.  Now, if that isn’t a horror story, I have never heard one.

YES,  I am one of those apathetic, fat, unbelievers and I have not voted since George and his little brother Jeb were involved in Florida’s fraudulent voting scandal and the Supreme Court refused to investigate.  I voted for George that year.  Hell, I haven’t got it right since I was 21 years old……………Some will say that if I don’t vote, then I don’t have the right to complain and maybe they are right.  I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.  All I know is that I will be 84 years old in 5 months and I think that makes me one up on all you younger people because I probably won’t be alive to see this president fulfill his second term or see the next president elected….As I said in the beginning: GOD BLESS AMERICA

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Brownsburg Meadows is one of several “not-for-profit” nursing homes owned by American Senior Communities scattered throughout Indiana.  How it can be not-for-profit is beyond me.

September 6, 2013 I was released from BROWNSBURG  MEADOWS nursing home and rehab center after spending approximately three weeks in  I.U. WEST HOSPITAL and nine weeks in rehab.  An experience topped only by the 18 days I spent in a Florida rehab facility in August of 2012. (See my blog:  “Once Upon A Time In Florida”).  I was at the Meadows receiving rehab on my legs, arms and shoulders hoping to develop strength enough to at least be able to walk with a walker again.  Strength I had lost while bed-ridden in the hospital.  I did gain strength enough to walk with my walker, but I am still unsteady on my feet. I hope to rectify that with home nursing and rehab.  I also suffer from swollen legs caused from fluid retention and we, the doctors and I, cannot seem to get rid of it.  I am taking 120 mg of Lasix per day and, well let’s just say the stream is flowing
continuously………UPDATE 9/26/13:  The Dr. stopped all of my emlodipine(sp) and changed Lasix to Torsemide(sp).  My legs and feet are almost back to normal now.

GETTING IN AND GETTING OUT:  Getting IN to one of these “HOMES” is relatively easy.  If you have been in the hospital, the Social Worker will arrange everything for you.  If one is to be admitted by relatives, this too is relatively easy.  In both cases, all it takes is the “almighty dollar” rather it is Medicare, or private funds.  Getting OUT is another story.  It almost takes an act of congress.  Actually only the in-house doctor who is treating the patient can release that patient.  My own opinion is that a rehab patient should be able to go home at his/her own discretion and it violates a patient’s civil rights to keep him/her if the patient wants to leave or be released by relatives.

THE STAFF:  The administration staff were all very cordial and aimed to please.  But of course, “THE HOME” owners wanted our and medicare’s money.  My opinion is, from observation, that the owners wanted the patients kept as close to the maximum time to get Medicare’s maximum amount of money.  Anything to defraud Medicare……….When entering the facility, both patient and a relative are supposed to have meetings with the staff about goals and other specific subjects.  I did not get any of these meetings until more than half way through my stay and my daughter and I had to complain several times before we finally received them.

THE IN-HOUSE DOCTORS:  Each doctor had various patients assigned to them.  The number of doctors and the number of patients assigned to them and how often they visited “The Home” is unknown to me.  I saw my doctor on the day I was admitted and twice more during my entire stay at “The Home”, but I bet he charged me for every contact he made about me with the nursing staff.  This is an obsurde and ridiculous situation.  Admittedly, the nurses did inform the doctor and my cardiologist when some-thing went awry.

REHAB PERSONAL:  All of the rehab personal were wonderful.  They seemed to be well trained and they treated everyone with respect and tried to put them at ease while at the same time being strict in seeing that everyone did their exercises properly.  Each rehab person was given from one to two hours of rehab five days a week (none on weekends usually) depending on age and/or condition.  Three of the women there were 100 yrs. old or more.  Sad to say, but all three were in better shape than I.

CLEANLINESS AND FOOD:  Bathrooms are cleaned daily, but sink and toilet are not cleaned by aides after each use by a patient…Many times the toilet seat has excrement on it and the floor is sticky with dried urine or wet with fresh urine.  The sink is used to put dirty wash clothes, etc. in after a patient has to be wiped clean after each bowel movement.  THIS IS UNHEALTHY AND UNACCEPTABLE.  Dirty towels, clothes and bedding are left on the room floor or bathroom floor until some one’s spirit moves and they are good and ready to put them in the dirty clothes bags and hampers.  Beds are sloppily made and sometimes go longer than a week before clean bedding is used.  A good thing about clothes is that they are washed daily and brought back to each patient’s room daily or if desired, a relative can take dirty clothes home and wash and dry them for a patient.

The facility definitely did not have enough nurses aids to care for the number of patients.  As a result, some patients were late to the dining room and had to eat a cold breakfast.  Some patients went without being cleaned up, dressed, beds made and missed getting their medications on time.  The above conditions are NOT ACCEPTABLE IN ANY HOSPITAL, NURSING HOME OR OTHER HEALTH CARE FACILITY.  The legislature, the governor and the State Dept. of Health need to get on the ball and correct the above problems…….PRONTO!!!!!

The food was furnished by GFS foods, but prepared by the facility cooks.  It was edible, but that’s about all I can say good about it.  Portions were way too small, but even then many patients left a considerable amount of food on their plates when thru eating because they did not like it.  How is a patient supposed to get their proper nourishment when food, and money, is wasted in this way???   The food was almost always served luke warm to cold.  Why it had to be this way was mostly because the cook serving was slow and the and the table servers were slower.  Sometimes we had to wait at least half an hour before our food was set on the table in front of us.  I think someone could figure out a better way.  Also, the menu was too repetitious.  It had the same choices over and over and over.  Breakfast always had the same choices every day with the exception of adding one slice of french toast occasionally.  Of course the food had to be monitored in some way because of the various diets of the patients.

PATIENTS AND ACCOMMODATIONS:  The “Home” had three sections for patients.  Sec. 200 was for rehab people only.  Sec. 300 was for assisted living people.  Sec. 400 was for long-term care people…..Alzheimer’s, dementia, the “crazy ones”, etc.  Each section’s patients is supposed to be separate from the others and this is stated in their brochure.  I do not know if this is a state law or not, but it should be.  This was not so.  Patients were all mixed in together.  I was put in Sec. 300 with a man who slept continually except when he had visitors.  He snored continuously and often yelled out in his sleep so loud that one could hear him at the nurses station down the hall.  He finally moved out to an assisted living apt. at another facility.  New patients were put where ever there was an empty bed no matter who their roommate was.  Each room had two beds unless a patient was in the assisted living group.  They could request a room by themselves and thus have some privacy, but they were scattered throughout Sec. 300 and 400.  This combined rehab, assisted living long-term care facility should not be allowed to exist in its present form.  People of sound minds who just need therapy for hip replacement, knee replacement, and other arm, leg, neck, back problems, etc. are sharing rooms with Alzheimer’s/dementia patients, mentally disturbed patients, etc.  Has anyone stopped to think what this mixing could do to another person’s mental condition?  It could cause mild to deep depression and suicide attempts.  It could cause a fear of living to an older age.  It could cause frustration and/or violence toward a room-mate.   Each of the three above mentioned categories should live in separate housing or on separate floors if the building is more than one story.  At some facilities, assisted living people have their own apartments.

Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients, the mentally ill and those patients who were “unruly” and made trouble for everyone who tried to help them, were set in their wheelchairs and made to sit in the area of the nursing station all day so the nurses and aides could keep an eye on them.  Some of the worst patients were also made to spend the night at the nursing station because they would get out of bed and wander the halls or pester their room mates.  Why they could not be strapped to their beds or wheelchairs I don’t know.  Could be a state law against such restrictions.  The shortage of help also must have played a role in these actions.

THE STATE OF INDIANA:  It is obvious that the Health Care Quality and Regulatory Commission of the Indiana State Dept. of Health is neither inspecting nor monitoring nursing homes near often enough.  It’s was obvious to me that the “Home” was not living up to the assumed state laws that govern nursing homes.  Some of which might be violations that could cause the facility to be closed or fined heavily.

MY COMMENTS:  “Aug. 19 and 20………Ending my seventh week here in the “Home” and feeling very depressed.  I’ve got to go home soon before I become one of the “crazies”.  I can’t take much more of this environment.  Nothing to do on weekends.  No internet to use my computer and the house computer is like a turtle.  Only works half the time.  Nothing on TV to watch worth seeing.  Thank whoever for football starting up again on Sundays.”

Cleaning, sanitary conditions and food quality and quantity definitely need improvement.  Indiana state inspections and monitoring need to be performed much more often.  Money being wasted on “gay rights”, abortion, etc. issues should be spent on these problems which are much more worth while and pressing.  Separation and cleanliness of patients with various types of sickness mentioned above should be the number one priority of the state nursing home Regulatory Commission.

One last comment……While I was in the “Home” I met some very nice people of all ages.  It appeared to me that some of them needed a lot more love from family members than they needed treatment.  Some of them had very few visitors so I assume their families just dumped them off at the “Home” and forgot they existed.  Fortunately I am not one of those people.  Thank you family; I love you all…….

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"A hunter attacking a brown bear."

“A hunter attacking a brown bear.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As long as man has been on this earth the natural process of aging has caused some to partially or completely lose their hearing as well as other bodily functions.  To compensate for this loss, one very bright caveman discovered that by listening through the small end of a cone-shaped object sound was magnified somewhat louder thereby enabling him to hear a little better.  So…….he gathered all the horns he could find, polished them up and sold them to the other old cave people for inflated prices and became one of the first  shop owners ( J. O. B.’s HORNY EARS ) and millionaires.  

Hundreds of years later descendents of this caveman discovered electronics.    Next came the geniuses of the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries.  The “chip and digital” of the computer world.   (Forgive me “Chip and Dale“)     They designed and manufactured apples, blueberries, lap-tops and flip-flops, droids and androids, i phones and i pads, (soon the rest of the alphabet will receive their due recognition) kimdles and tablets, Razrs and Razus, Smart phones for dummies and Dumb phones for smarties and who knows what else; all sold at inflated prices of course……..and miles away high on a sunny hill overlooking the world is a ramshackle little shack with a sign over the door with faded letters that reads…..”J.O.B’s HORNY EARS”.  On the porch sitting in an original “Crackerbarrell” rocking chair, is an old caveman.  Cobwebs stretch from shed to shirt, his trusty club lays across his lap, (“Louisville Slugger“), his hair grown down to his waist and his beard grown down between his legs to the floor where it curls around his ankles several times.  Fastened to his dinosaur shirt is a name tag covered in so much dust it can hardly be read.  It says…………….. AL GORE, INVENTOR.

STAY WITH ME READERS WE’RE GETTING TO THE “POINT” OF ALL THIS RAMBLING.    An off-shoot of all these electronic geniuses had hairy ears and decided to try his luck with inventing hearing aids.  Edward Stevens, Oct. 17, 1905 to Jan. 29, 1995, a Welch inventor designed the first “wearable” electronic hearing aids.  As time went by digital hearing aids that inserted into the ear canal were made and sold at very inflated prices.  NOW;  all of these gadgets had to have a source of power from which they could operate………You guessed it Readers,  THE BATTERY and the “POINT”.  Depending on the make, size and design of the hearing aids, the batteries are various sizes,  but all are quite small.    Mine are “size 10”, round (7/32″dia)  and  flat (1/8″thick approx.).  My aids are an insertable, digital pair.  Needless to say with my “not so nimble fingers”, it is a difficult job to get the batteries into place.  I finally bought a pair of tweezers to help my efforts and find it somewhat easier.  I have never had a battery last me more than 4-5 days and I do disconnect the battery at night.  I have read testimonials that some people have had them last 5-7 days, but never longer and they can be quite expensive.  One other minus for insertable aids.  The wearer can NOT adjust the sound or anything else on the aids.  They can only be adjusted at the retailers on a computer.

Talk about your hairy dog stories.  This is becoming one………….                On Dec. 7, 2012 (to remember Pearl Harbour Day) I had a pacemaker installed.  Wonderful invention.  It could save your life.  It helps keep your heart going, and going, and going like the pink rabbit.  The size of a pacemaker is not much larger than an insertable hearing aid (just flatter) and yet the pacemaker battery and unit will last for 5 to 10 YEARS.   Hearing aids can cost from approx. $500.00 to $5000.00 “each” and a person could need two of them.  A pacemaker costs from $4000.00 to $5000.00 each.  For the readers information, I know absolutely nothing about how a battery is made or what materials are used to make one.  Electricity and chemistry are as foreign to me as can be.  So,  will someone please explain to me the difference in cost of batteries for each unit and why a hearing aid battery can not last for 5 to 10 years other than the fact that the public is being ripped off royally.

William L. Verrill   1/6/13

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