I have chosen this topic because of the recent stories in the news media (bless their little hearts also) about removing the word “nigger” from Mark Twain’s story of Huck Finn which is absolutely ridiculous.  That book was written back in the time when “nigger” was a common term used when referring to black people.  Sometimes it was used in a derogatory way and some times not.  Regardless, it should not be censored from this or any book just because it reminds someone of an unpleasent long ago time probably before they were even born.  This is a part of our American history and should be taught just as all of the other bad parts of our history as well as the enjoyable incidents that happened.  Today it is almost always used in a derogatory way, but I do not approve 0f this, or for that matter, it’s use at all.

I recently read in a Public Television Guide where one of their up-coming programs was showing Bill Cosby receiving the Mark Twain Prize or American Humor at the Kennedy Center.  I thought to myself “how about that timing”.  Right before the Mark Twain censorship news stories.  If I were Bill Cosby, I would feel this was a slap in the face and definitely racially motivated.  I think I would write the members who voted him this award a very nasty letter and return the award.  Bill Cosby is undoubtably one of the finest and funniest comedians there ever was and these people are trying to save face for trying to censor the word “nigger” from a book by one of America’s best authors.  How disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

About wverrill

My nick name is Larry. I am from Saco, Me. I am 87 years old and my next birthday is July 30. Politically I am an independent. I graduated from Thornton Academy high school In Saco, Maine and had approx. two years at Purdue U. in Indiana. I have had many hobbies during my life. A few of them are drawing, painting, wood carving, Knife making, plants, Bonsai, ancestry and now this. I currently live in Brownsburg, IN.
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