I read something new in the Star today.  It’s called “crapola”.  One might think it to be a new soft drink, but not hardly.  It is a bushel basket full of confusing, gibberish, crap written by Rafia Zakaria one of our American born Muslims.  Her article, “Think twice before placing blame in midst of tragedy” says nothing, about nothing and does nothing but inflame people, like myself, against the Muslims whether American born or not.  In all of her efforts to keep the Muslims from being blamed, she does not mention one of her kind in Texas plotting to blow up as many U. S. Soldiers as possible.   Like him, does she agree with the Muslim cry of “Death to the Infidels”??

About wverrill

My nick name is Larry. I am from Saco, Me. I am 87 years old and my next birthday is July 30. Politically I am an independent. I graduated from Thornton Academy high school In Saco, Maine and had approx. two years at Purdue U. in Indiana. I have had many hobbies during my life. A few of them are drawing, painting, wood carving, Knife making, plants, Bonsai, ancestry and now this. I currently live in Brownsburg, IN.
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