Already the vultures are ascending and the ambulance chasers with their frivolous law suites are pouncing on every one possibly responsible for the State Fair stage rigging collapse.  NO, I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE DEATHS AND INJURIES WERE FRIVOLOUS!!!!!!!   I am saying that here is a chance for all the unscrupulous attorneys in this state and anywhere else to flood our city and file law suites in over abundance and ask ridiculous amounts of money to try to make themselves and their clients wealthy.  Yes, the victims deserve compensation, but not through the use of people with no morals.

After the morning comes the anger and the blaming and the judging.  Believe me I know, because I went through this cycle not long ago.  I only hope the victims will use their heads and not make any snap judgments about hiring an unknown law firm or filing a law suite until they have thought it over extensively.

Before there has been time enough to determine the exact cause or causes (except for the wind), some one is hinting at a cover-up by the State and/or State Fair commission and wants all invest-igating halted and no one allowed at or inside the scene until who knows when.  My thoughts on this are that only the Police and investigators should be allowed inside the area.  On Friday, 8/19/11, Fair Commission member Ted McKinney said in a news conference that the Fair Commission has already let Attorneys representing victims access and said “We are committed to having anybody who wants and needs access to the site getting that access.”  This is ludicrous and idiotic.  Access should not be allowed to just any one and especially attorneys.  This can only lead to contamination of the scene and the destruction of evidence (purposely or accidentally) before the investigations are completed and a decision is made as to the cause of this horrific incident.

And please, stop calling this incident an “Act of God”.  It was not.

About wverrill

My nick name is Larry. I am from Saco, Me. I am 87 years old and my next birthday is July 30. Politically I am an independent. I graduated from Thornton Academy high school In Saco, Maine and had approx. two years at Purdue U. in Indiana. I have had many hobbies during my life. A few of them are drawing, painting, wood carving, Knife making, plants, Bonsai, ancestry and now this. I currently live in Brownsburg, IN.
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