: Bay Pines Veterans Administration Medical Center

: Bay Pines Veterans Administration Medical Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahhhhhh, the beautiful  State of Florida.  All the site seeing, beaches, swimming, fishing, racing, great restaurants, hotels, food, etc. that any vacationer or resident could ever want; but if you get sick, GOD help you because the Doctors wont or can’t help you.

My personal experience with Florida doctors leads me to believe that this state is a melting pot for foreign medicine students to get their degrees and set up a practice, for quacks to set up a practice, for imposters to set up a practice, and for graduated students in the lower 20% of their class to set up a practice specifically to rip off vacationers and elderly residents.

The worst offenders in this group are the foreign students from Eastern Europe, all of Asia and especially the ones from India.  The doctors from India and people from Iraq that I have dealt with had no scruples what-so-ever. One Indian, Florida doctor prescribed a pain-killer patch for me that was way over strength and then would not talk to me by phone when I thought it was to strong and I came near overdosing because of his “mistake”(?).  No one knows how many of these students are actually muslim spies and will eventually use their education against the U.S.  I’m not sure anyone in todays government really cares.

The United States and each individual state should pass a law requiring that ALL foreign students, no matter what they have studied, should be required to leave the United States and return to their native country within 30 days of graduation.  A large percentage of these foreign doctors and “bottom of their class” doctors end up working for the Veterans Administration and other U.S. Government facilities.  Thus our veterans and other govt personnel often get poor care or none at all.  A good example of one of these Veterans Hospitals is the one in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I speak from my experiences there.

Our citizens and our veterans deserve the best care and doctors available (after all they are certainly paying dearly for it) and not care from some religious fanatic who cannot even speak english well enough for the patient to understand him/her.


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My nick name is Larry. I am from Saco, Me. I am 87 years old and my next birthday is July 30. Politically I am an independent. I graduated from Thornton Academy high school In Saco, Maine and had approx. two years at Purdue U. in Indiana. I have had many hobbies during my life. A few of them are drawing, painting, wood carving, Knife making, plants, Bonsai, ancestry and now this. I currently live in Brownsburg, IN.
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